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This Web-site has been created primarily for the students of the MUSC / LIBR 600 Music Bibliography Course at IUP.  The resources here may also be used by the broader university and Web-community




Syllabus of Record
Selected Bibliographies from the Music Library
Structure of a Catalog Record
German Terms on Music title pages
Major Music Societies and Journals
Monuments and Collected Editions
Music Libraries and Catalogs
Music Mega-Sites on the Web
Music Subject Headings
Assessing Thematic Catalogs

Musical Instruments
Selected Citations in Music
(How to cite music in a bibliography)
Rahkonen's Writing Rules
Uniform forms of Names and Titles in Music
Uniform Title Tutorial 

Copyright Handout
Copyright Resources
Audio in Music Libraries (History of Sound Recording by Rahkonen)
World and Ethnic Music (article by Rahkonen)

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