Open Educational Resources (OER)

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Open Educational Resources (OER) are teaching, learning, and research resources that are free of cost and access barriers and allow anyone to use, adapt and share.

Most OER use a Creative Commons license so users can take advantage of the 5 R's: retain the right to download and make their own copies, reuse in multiple ways, revise, adapt, modify, and improve, remix by combining two or more OER, and redistribute to share with others (SPARC).

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  • Open education aims to make top-notch educational materials available to everyone. Educators and students benefit from:

    1. High-quality educational materials, freely accessible anywhere in the world
    2. Reduced costs to students and to institutions
    3. Reduced barriers to obtaining top-quality educational content
    4. Licenses that permit teachers to adapt, remix, update, and improve materials
  • Open educational materials are available from the worlds most respected scholars and institutions, and housed in many different respositories. Visit Find OER for some great starting points.

  • If you'd like to create your own OER, you can leverage the Creative Commons license options to bring together your instructional materials with open materials created by other instructors and scholars to build tailored educational materials!

    You can learn more about the process, and visit the Complete Guide to OER for an informative video.

  • The best way to make OER avaiable to the world is through a digital repository. There are hundreds of options out there already dedicated to OER. The Find OER page lists just a few examples, and you can find an extensive list at the Complete Guide to OER.

  • Sara Parme, IUP's Scholarly Communications Librarian (sparme@iup.edu), can help you with learning more about OER, using and remixing content, finding OER that fit your syllabus, and getting in touch with the larger OER community in Pennsylvania. Additionally, you can connect with our IUP Champions listed at the bottom of this page to learn how they use OER in their classes.

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