The Fausold Collection was created in 1984 when Martin Fausold donated the papers of his father, Samuel, to the IUP library. Samuel Fausold had served as president of the Indiana State Teachers College from 1936 to 1939.

Since that initial donation many other gifts have followed from various family members. The Fausold Family Collection now represents an extended family and includes important contributions from the Fry family and from the Welty family.  The collection has evolved into an experiment in family history that serves well to document the history of western Pennsylvania from the colonial era to the present. The collection contains family letters, diaries, ledgers, scrapbooks, photograghs, books and memorabilia.

Beyond the archival material the family's efforts have extended to the donation of the portraits of John and Samuel Fausold, which hang in the Fausold Alcove in Stapleton Library. The foresightedness of the family includes the creation of an endowment to provide support for the collection and associated activities.

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