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The Coal Culture web site pilot project is funded through  the Library Services and
Technology Act (LSTA).

The Special Collections and Archives Department of Indiana University of Pennsylvania
was created in 1981 with the completion of the Stapleton/Stabley Library Complex.  Its
mission is to 
supplement and support research by faculty, graduate and undergraduate
students, and private scholars. Special Collections vigorously pursues the preservation
of significant regional archival collections with a particular emphasis on business, industry
and labor that are related to the coal, iron and steel and transportation industries.

The regional focus extends from western Pennsylvania to western New York and eastern
Ohio. Collections beyond this region with a coal, steel, railroad or labor theme are also of
interest in that they serve to develop the depth of an integrated collection.

Our holdings are often consulted by scholars but limited hours and fragility of manuscript
materials make our materials far too often inaccessible by traditional means. As a result,
Special Collections and Archives applied for an LSTA grant to make collections relating to
the mining history of Southwestern Pennsylvania available over the Internet. The grant was
awarded in March of 2006.

The Coal Culture web project is the result of this grant.  It provides digitized primary sources,
and background information and lesson plans to make the primary sources more useful
for the beginning researcher.

Background essays were provided by historians, Dr. James Dougherty, IUP Sociology,
Dr. Irwin Marcus,  Professor Emeritus, IUP History, oral historian Eileen Cooper. A special
debt is owed to Eileen Mountjoy. Many of the materials that have been digitized were collected
 by Ms Mountjoy  while she worked in Special Collections and Archives.

Lesson plans were prepared by Dr. Soo Chun Lu, of IUP's History Department.

The site also contains images of artifacts available at the Historical and Genealogical Society
of Indiana County.


IUP Special Collections Librarian and University Archivist:  Harrison Wick,

Project Historian:  Dr. James Dougherty

Lesson Plans:  Dr. Soo Chun Lu,

Indiana Historial and Geneological Society President: Herb Gleditsch,


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