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Reference Books

Reference Approval/Orders 2005  
African American lives / edited by Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham.  [REF] E185.96 .A446 2004
African Americans at war : an encyclopedia / Jonathan D. Sutherland.  [REF] U52 .S88 2004
African Americans in sports / edited by David K. Wiggins, editor.  [REF] GV583 .A567 2004
African Americans in the performing arts / Steven Otfinoski.  [REF] PN2286 .O88 2003
African-American athletes / Nathan Aaseng.  [REF] GV697.A1 A196 2003
American women writers, 1900-1945 : a bio-bibliographical critical sourcebook / edited by Laurie Champion ; Emmanuel S. Nelson, advisory editor.  [REF] PS151 .A45 2000
Anime encyclopedia : a guide to Japanese animation since 1917 / Jonathan Clements, Helen McCarthy.  [REF] NC1766.J3 C53 2001
Around the world with historical fiction and folktales : highly recommended and award-winning books, grades K-8 / Beth Bartleson Zarian.  [REF] Z1037.A2 Z37 2004
Autism encyclopedia / edited by John T. Neisworth and Pamela S. Wolfe.  [REF] RC553.A88 A847 2005
Biographical dictionary of social and cultural anthropology / edited by Vered Amit.  [REF] GN20 .B56 2004
Biotechnology from A to Z / William Bain.  [REF] TP248.16 .B33 2004
Birdwatcher's companion to North American birdlife / Christopher W. Leahy ; illustrations by Gordon Morrison.  [REF] QL681 .L35 2004
Business statistics of the United States.  [REF] HC101 .A13122
Career opportunities in the sports industry / Shelly Field.  [REF] GV734 .F545 2004
Career opportunities in the travel industry / Judy Colbert ; foreword by Dee Minic.  [REF] G155.7 .C65 2004
Collins Spanish dictionary = Collins diccionario Ingles / [Series editor, Lorna Sinclair Knight ; general editor, Jeremy Butterfield].  [REF] PC4640 .C53 2003
Complete directory for people with disabilities : a comprehensive source book for individuals and professionals.  [REF] HV1553 .C58
Concise encyclopedia of materials characterization.  [REF] TA402 .C659 2005
Contemporary gay American poets and playwrights : an A-to-Z guide / edited by Emmanuel S. Nelson.  [REF] PS325 .C656 2003
Corrosion tests and standards : application and interpretation / Robert Baboian, editor ; section editors, Robert Baboian ... [et al.].  [REF] TA462 .C666 2005
Cross-walks ICD-10--DSM IV-TR : a synopsis of classifications of mental disorders / Michael Schulte-Markwort, Kathrin Marutt, Peter Riedesser (eds.) ; with forewords by Horst Dilling and Hans-Ulrich Wittchen.  [REF] RC455.2.C4 C76 2003
Design encyclopedia / Mel Byars ; foreword by Terence Riley.  [REF] NK1370 .B93 2004
Dictionary of bioinformatics and computational biology / edited by John M. Hancock, Marketa J. Zvelebil.  [REF] QH324.2 .D53 2004
Dictionary of counselling / Colin Feltham and Windy Dryden.  [REF] BF637.C6 F325 2004
Dictionary of criminal justice / George E. Rush ; with summaries of Supreme Court cases affecting criminal justice [by] Judy Hails.  [REF] HV7411 .R87 2003
Dictionary of geography / Susan Mayhew.  [REF] G63 .M39 2004
Dictionary of strategy : strategic management A-Z / Louise Kelly, Chris Booth.  [REF] HD30.28 .K454 2004
Dictionary of terrorism / John Richard Thackrah.  [REF] HV6431 .T56 2004
Direct democracy in Europe : a comprehensive reference guide to the initiative and referendum process in Europe / edited by Bruno Kaufmann and M. Dane Waters.  [REF] JF497.E85 D57 2004
Eating your words / William Grimes, editor.  [REF] TX349 .E33 2004
Education and technology : an encyclopedia / edited by Ann Kovalchick and Kara Dawson.  [REF] LB1028.3 .E17 2004
Encyclopedia of African history / Kevin Shillington, editor.  [REF] DT20 .E53 2005
Encyclopedia of American foreign policy / Glenn Hastedt.  [REF] E183.7 .H28 2004
Encyclopedia of angels / Rosemary Ellen Guiley ; foreword by Lisa Schwebel.  [REF] BL477 .G87 2004
Encyclopedia of applied psychology / editor-in-chief, Charles D. Spielberger.  [REF] BF636 .E54 2004b
Encyclopedia of Celtic mythology / Bob Curran.  [REF] BL900 .C87 2000
Encyclopedia of children's health and wellness / Carol Turkington and Albert Tzeel.  [REF] RJ45 .T9465 2004
Encyclopedia of criminology / Richard A. Wright, J. Mitchell Miller, editors.  [REF] HV6017 .E5295 2005
Encyclopedia of deafness and hearing disorders / Carol Turkington and Allen E. Sussman.  [REF] RF290 .T93 2004
Encyclopedia of dietary supplements / edited by Paul M. Coates ... [et al.].  [REF] RM258.5 .E53 2005
Encyclopedia of entomology / edited by John L. Capinera.  [REF] QL462.3 .E47 2004
Encyclopedia of federal agencies and commissions / Kathleen Thompson Hill & Gerald N. Hill.  [REF] JK9 .H536 2004
Encyclopedia of German literature / Matthias Konzett, editor.  [REF] PT91 .E53 2000
Encyclopedia of Gothic literature / Mary Ellen Snodgrass.  [REF] PN3435 .S58 2005
Encyclopedia of health & behavior / editor in chief, Norman B. Anderson.  [REF] R726.5 .E53 2004
Encyclopedia of kitchen history / Mary Ellen Snodgrass.  [REF] TX653 .S57 2004
Encyclopedia of Latino popular culture / Cordelia Chavez Candelaria, executive editor.  [REF] E184.S75 E59 2004
Encyclopedia of law enforcement / Larry E. Sullivan, editor-in-chief.  [REF] HV7921 .E53 2005
Encyclopedia of native music : more than a century of recordings from wax cylinder to the Internet / Brian Wright-McLeod ; illustrated with photographs and album covers.  [REF] ML 156.4 .I5 W75 2005
Encyclopedia of post-colonial literatures in English / edited by Eugene Benson and L.W. Conolly.  [REF] PR9080.A52 E53 2005
Encyclopedia of prisons & correctional facilities / Mary Bosworth, editor.  [REF] HV9471 .E693 2005
Encyclopedia of pulp fiction writers / Lee Server.  [REF] PS374.P63 S45 2002
Encyclopedia of school psychology / editor, Steven W. Lee.  [REF] LB1027.55 .E523 2005
Encyclopedia of Shaker furniture / Timothy D. Rieman, Jean M. Burks.  [REF] NK2407 .R54 2003
Encyclopedia of sports medicine / Elizabeth Oakes ; foreword by Connie Lebrun.  [REF] RC1206 .O355 2005
Encyclopedia of white-collar & corporate crime / general editor, Lawrence M. Salinger.  [REF] HV6768 .E63 2005
Encyclopedia of women & Islamic cultures / general editor, Suad Joseph ; associate editors, Afsaneh Najmabadi ... [et al.]  [REF] HQ1170 .E53 2003
Encyclopedia of women & Islamic cultures / general editor, Suad Joseph ; associate editors, Afsaneh Najmabadi ... [et al.]  [REF] HQ1170 .E53 2003
Encyclopedia of world terrorism / [edited by Frank Shanty and Raymond Picquet ; John Lalla, documents editor].  [REF] HV6431 .E53 2003
Encyclopedia of world writers : 19th and 20th centuries / Marie Josephine Diamond, general editor ; Maria DiBattista, Julian Wolfreys, adviser[s].  [REF] PN451 .E53 2003
Facts On File dictionary of classical and biblical allusions / [edited by] Martin H. Manser ; David H. Pickering, associate editor.  [REF] PN43 .F16 2003
Facts on File dictionary of proverbs / Martin H. Manser ; associate editor, Rosalind Fergusson.  [REF] PN6421 .M36 2002
Federal resume guidebook : write a winning federal resume to get in, get promoted, and survive in a government job / Kathryn Kraemer Troutman.  [REF] JK716 .T73 2004
Great pictorial history of world crime / Jay Robert Nash.  [REF] HV6017 .G78 2004
Guide to information sources in mathematics and statistics / Martha A. Tucker and Nancy D. Anderson.  [REF] QA41.7 .T83 2004
HazMat data : for first response, transportation, storage, and security / Richard P. Pohanish.  [REF] T55.3.H3 P643 2004
Herbal-drug interactions and adverse effects : an evidence-based quick reference guide / Richard B. Philp.  [REF] RM666.H33 P48 2004
Historical dictionary of organized labor / James C. Docherty.  [REF] HD4839 .D58 2004
History in literature ; a reader's guide to 20th-century history and the literature it inspired / Edward Quinn.  [REF] PN50 .Q56 2004
Hugh Johnson's wine companion : the encyclopedia of wines, vineyards, and winemakers.  [REF] TP548 .J6319 2003
Human fossil record.  [REF] GN282 .H83 2002
ICD-10-CM : a preview of the structure and conventions of ICD-10-CM.  [REF] RB115 .I233 2002
Illustrated AutoCAD 2005 quick reference / Ralph Grabowski.  [REF] T385 .G6922 2005
Illustrated encyclopedia of Aztec & Maya : the history, legend, myth and culture of the ancient native peoples of Mexico and Central America / Charles Phillips ; consultant: David M. Jones.  [REF] F1219 .P45 2004
Information security dictionary : defining the terms that define security for E-business, Internet, information, and wireless technology / by Urs E. Gattiker.  [REF] TK5105.59 .G387 2004
Information technology : code of practice for information security management = Technologies de l'information : code de pratique pour la gestion de seLcuriteL d'information.  [REF] QA76.9.A25 I543 2000
Israeli film : a reference guide / Amy Kronish and Costel Safirman.  [REF] PN1993.5.I86 K76 2003
Ivan R. Dee guide to plays and playwrights / Trevor R. Griffiths.  [REF] PN2035 .G73 2003
Jewish writers of the twentieth century / editor, Sorrel Kerbel ; assistant editors, Muriel Emanuel, Laura Phillips.  [REF] PN842 .J48 2003
Journalism : a guide to the reference literature / Jo A. Cates ; foreword by James W. Carey.  [REF] Z6940 .C38 2004
Key concepts in accounting and finance / Jonathan Sutherland and Diane Canwell.  [REF] HF5621 .S88 2004
Latin American science fiction writers : an A-to-Z guide / edited by Darrell B. Lockhart.  [REF] PQ7082.S34 L38 2004
Latino and Latina writers / Alan West-DuraLn, editor.  [REF] PS153.H56 L39 2004
Mafia encyclopedia / Carl Sifakis.  [REF] HV6441 .S53 2005
Medicinal plants of the world : an illustrated scientific guide to important medicinal plants and their uses / Ben-Erik van Wyk, Michael Wink.  [REF] RS164 .V295 2004
Men and masculinities : a social, cultural, and historical encyclopedia / edited by Michael Kimmel and Amy Aronson.  [REF] HQ1090.3 .M436 2004
Military balance.  [REF] UA15 .L652
MIT encyclopedia of communication disorders / edited by Raymond D. Kent.  [REF] RC423 .M56 2004
Modern Catholic encyclopedia / edited by Michael Glazier and Monika K. Hellwig.  [REF] BX841 .M63 2004
Mosby's pediatric nursing reference / [edited by] Cecily Lynn Betz, Linda A. Sowden.  [REF] RJ245 .M675 2004
National electrical code : 2002.  [REF] TK260 .N45 2002
Native Americans in sports / edited by C. Richard King.  [REF] GV583 .N34 2004
Notable American women : a biographical dictionary completing the twentieth century / Susan Ware, editor ; Stacy Braukman, assistant editor.  [REF] CT3260 .N5725 2004
Nutrition and diet therapy reference dictionary / Rosalinda T. Lagua, Virginia S. Claudio.  [REF] RM217 .L34 2004
Oxford companion to the mind / edited by Richard L. Gregory.  [REF] BF31 .O94 2004
Oxford dictionary of quotations / edited by Elizabeth Knowles.  [REF] PN6080 .O95 2004
Oxford encyclopedia of food and drink in America / Andrew F. Smith, editor in chief.  [REF] TX349 .E45 2004
Oxford Spanish dictionary : Spanish-English/English-Spanish / chief editors, Beatriz Galimberti Jarman, Roy Russell ; edited by Carol Styles Carvajal, Jane Horwood = Gran diccionario Oxford :  [REF] PC4640 .O94 2003
Oxford starter Spanish dictionary / edited by Ana Cristina Llompart, Jane Horwood, Carol Styles Carvajal.  [REF] PC4640 .O95 2003
Oxford user's guide to mathematics / edited by Eberhard Zeidler [with W. Hackbusch and H.R. Schwarz] ; translated and typeset by Bruce Hunt.  [REF] QA40 .T4813 2004
Popular psychology : an encyclopedia / Luis A. CordoLn.  [REF] BF31 .C715 2005
Popular series fiction for K-6 readers : a reading and selection guide / Rebecca L. Thomas and Catherine Barr.  [REF] PN1009.A1 T487 2004
Prentice Hall's dictionary of American criminal justice, criminology, and criminal law / David N. Falcone.  [REF] KF9223.A68 F35 2005
Proctor and Hughes' Chemical hazards of the workplace.  [REF] RA1229 .P76 2004
Ramsey/Sleeper architectural graphic standards / John Ray Hoke, Jr., editor in chief.  [REF] TH2031 .R35 2000
Sax's dangerous properties of industrial materials / Richard J. Lewis, Sr.  [REF] T55.3.H3 S3 2004
Sourcebook of Gauguin's symbolist followers : Les Nabis, Pont-Aven, Rose + Croix / Russell T. Clement, Annick HouzeL, and Christiane Erbolato-Ramsey.  [REF] Z5961.E8 C57 2004
Sport in American culture : from Ali to X-games / Joyce D. Duncan.  [REF] GV706.2 .D86 2004
Superhero book : the ultimate encyclopedia of comic-book icons and Hollywood heroes / edited by Gina Misiroglu with David A. Roach.  [REF] P96.H46 S87 2004
Thames & Hudson dictionary of design since 1900 / Guy Julier.  [REF] NK1390 .J85 2005
Thematic catalogue of the musical works of Johann Pachelbel / Jean M. Perreault ; edited by Donna K. Fitch.  [REF] ML 134 .P17 P47 2004
Thesaurus of psychological index terms / Lisa A. Gallagher, editor.  [REF] Z695.1.P7 T48 2005
Time-saver standards for interior design and space planning / [edited by] Joseph De Chiara, Julius Panero, Martin Zelnik.  [REF] NK2110 .T48 2001
Trees of Pennsylvania : a complete reference guide / Ann Fowler Rhoads and Timothy A. Block ; drawings by Anna AnisLko.  [REF] QK183 .R562 2005
Universal book of mathematics : from Abracadabra to Zeno's paradoxes / David Darling.  [REF] QA5 .D27 2004
Venomous reptiles of the Western Hemisphere / Jonathan A. Campbell, William W. Lamar, with contributions by Edmund D. Brodie III ... [et al.].  [REF] QL666.O6 C24 2004
Water atlas / Robin Clarke and Jannet King.  [REF] GB671 .C54 2004
Webster's New World 575+ French verbs / by Gail Stein.  [REF] PC2271 .S74 2005
Webster's new world Spanish dictionary.  [REF] PC4640 .W4278 2003
White collar crime in a nutshell / by Ellen S. Podgor, Jerold H. Israel.  [REF] KF9350.Z9 P63 2004
Women in early America : struggle, survival, and freedom in a new world / Dorothy A. Mays.  [REF] HQ1416 .M395 2004
Women in literature : reading through the lens of gender / edited by Jerilyn Fisher and Ellen S. Silber ; foreword by David Sadker.  [REF] PN56.5.W64 W65 2003
Women in the Middle Ages : an encyclopedia / edited by Katharina M. Wilson and Nadia Margolis.  [REF] HQ1143 .W643 2004
Working stiffs, union maids, reds, and riffraff : an expanded guide to films about labor / Tom Zaniello.  [REF] PN1995.9.L28 Z36 2003






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