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CLASS J -- Government & Political Science


Advances in political psychology.  JA74.5 .A35
Culture and politics : identity and conflict in a multicultural world / edited by Rik Pinxten, Ghislain Verstraete and Chia Longman.  JA75.7 .C8563 2004
Politics and vision : continuity and innovation in Western political thought / Sheldon S. Wolin.  JA81 .W6 2004
Nation-state and global order : a historical introduction to contemporary politics / Walter C. Opello, Jr., Stephen J. Rosow.  JC11 .O63 2004
Machiavelli revisited / Joseph V. Femia.  JC143.M4 F46 2004
Democracy and its friendly critics : Tocqueville and political life today / edited by Peter Augustine Lawler.  JC229.T8 D47 2004
Nationalism and ethnic conflict : class, state, and nation in the age of globalization / Berch Berberoglu.  JC311 .B43 2004
Ethnonational identities / edited by Steve Fenton and Stephen May.  JC312 .E84 2002
Wisdom of crowds : why the many are smarter than the few and how collective wisdom shapes business, economies, societies, and nations / James Surowiecki.  JC328.2 .S87 2004
For love of country : an essay on patriotism and nationalism / Maurizio Viroli.  JC329 .V57 1995
Cult of efficiency / Janice Gross Stein.  JC329.5 .S74 2002
Gender and governance / Lisa D. Brush.  JC330 .B75 2003
Psychological assessment of political leaders : with profiles of Saddam Hussein and Bill Clinton / edited by Jerrold M. Post.  JC330.3 .P79 2003
Myth of civil society : social capital and democratic consolidation in Spain and Brazil / by Omar G. EncarnacioLn.  JC337 .E53 2003
What would Jefferson do? : a return to democracy / Thom Hartmann.  JC423 .H3737 2004
Democracy / Michael Saward.  JC423 .S27478 2003
Al Qaeda and what it means to be modern / John Gray.  JC489 .G73 2003
Breaking the real axis of evil : how to oust the world's last dictators by 2025 / Mark Palmer.  JC495 .P34 2003
Future of liberal democracy : Thomas Jefferson and the contemporary world / edited by R.K. Ramazani and Robert Fatton, Jr.  JC571 .F88 2004
Human rights handbook : a global perspective for education / Liam Gearon.  JC571 .G427 2003
Terror of neoliberalism / Henry A. Giroux.  JC571 .G53 2004
Human rights in Cuba, El Salvador, and Nicaragua : a sociological perspective on human rights abuse / Mayra GoLmez.  JC571 .G628 2003
Human rights in global perspective : anthropological studies of rights, claims and entitlements / edited by Richard Ashby Wilson and Jon P. Mitchell.  JC571 .H769523 2003
History of human rights : from ancient times to the globalization era / Micheline R. Ishay.  JC571 .I73 2004
Freedom on fire : human rights wars and America's response / John Shattuck.  JC571 .S453 2003
Republican noise machine : right-wing media and how it corrupts democracy / David Brock.  JC573.2.U6 B76 2004
America's right turn : how Conservatives used new and alternative media to take power / Richard A. Viguerie and David Franke.  JC573.2.U6 V53 2004
Tocqueville, Lieber, and Bagehot : liberalism confronts the world / David Clinton.  JC574 .C583 2003
Burying the past : making peace and doing justice after civil conflict / Nigel Biggar, editor.  JC578 .B49 2003
Tainted legacy : 9/11 and the ruin of human rights / William F. Schulz.  JC585 .S4328 2003
Perilous times : free speech in wartime from the Sedition Act of 1798 to the war on terrorism / Geoffrey R. Stone.  JC591 .S76 2004
Human resources guide to workplace privacy / J.J. Edwards.  JC596.2.C3 E39 2003
Human rights in the digital age / edited by Mathias Klang and Andrew Murray.  JC599.G7 H85 2005
War on the Bill of Rights and the gathering resistance / Nat Hentoff.  JC599.U45 H46 2003
American national security and civil liberties in an era of terrorism / edited by David B. Cohen and John W. Wells.  JC599.U5 A4985 2004
Gag rule : on the suppression of dissent and the stifling of democracy / Lewis H. Lapham.  JC599.U5 L33 2004
Beyond free and fair : monitoring elections and building democracy / Eric C. Bjornlund.  JF1001 .B483 2004
Voter turnout and the dynamics of electoral competition in established democracies since 1945 / Mark N. Franklin ; with assistance from Cees van der Eijk ... [et al.].  JF1001 .F733 2004
Reinventing accountability : making democracy work for human development / Anne Marie Goetz, Rob Jenkins.  JF1351 .G58 2005
Handbook of public administration / edited by B. Guy Peters & Jon Pierre.  JF1351 .H274 2003
ETransformation in governance : new directions in government and politics / [edited by] Matti MaLlkiaL, Ari-Veikko Anttiroiko, and Reijo Savolainen.  JF1525.A8 E77 2004
Unmasking administrative evil / Guy B. Adams and Danny L. Balfour ; with a new foreword by Charles Perrow.  JF1525.E8 A33 2004
Intelligence analysis : a target-centric approach / Robert M. Clark.  JF1525.I6 C548 2004
Espionage : a reference handbook / Glenn Hastedt.  JF1525.I6 H36 2003
Reinventing government for the twenty-first century : state capacity in a globalizing society / edited by Dennis A. Rondinelli and G. Shabbir Cheema ; with a foreword by Vicente Fox.  JF1525.O73 R45 2003
Diversity and public administration : theory, issues, and perspectives / edited by Mitchell F. Rice.  JF1658 .D58 2005
Warrior state : how military organization structures politics / Everett Carl Dolman.  JF195 .D65 2004
Formation of national party systems : federalism and party competition in Canada, Great Britain, India, and the United States / Pradeep Chhibber, Ken Kollman.  JF2011 .C53 2004
Politics of direct democracy : referendums in global perspective / Lawrence LeDuc.  JF491 .L43 2003
Initiative and referendum voting : governing through direct democracy in the United States / Rich Braunstein.  JF494 .B73 2004
Democracy of distinction : Aristotle and the work of politics / Jill Frank.  JF51 .F695 2005
Comparative politics of the Third World : linking concepts and cases / December Green and Laura Luehrmann.  JF60 .G74 2003
Citizenship and management in public administration : integrating behavioral theories and managerial thinking / edited by Eran Vigoda-Gadot and Aaron Cohen.  JF801 .C569 2004
Citizenship : the civic ideal in world history, politics and education / Derek Heater.  JF801 .H43 2004
Congress and its members / Roger H. Davidson, Walter J. Oleszek.  JK1021 .D38 2004
War stories from Capitol Hill / edited by Colton C. Campbell, Paul S. Herrnson.  JK1021 .W37 2004
Like no other time : the 107th Congress and the two years that changed America forever / Tom Daschle, with Michael D'Orso.  JK1059 107th .D38 2003
Organized interests and American government / David Lowery and Holly Brasher.  JK1118 .L64 2004
Antifederalists : men of great faith and forbearance / David J. Siemers.  JK116 .S53 2003
Keeping the republic : ideology and early American diplomacy / Robert W. Smith.  JK116 .S65 2004
Torn and frayed : congressional norms and party switching in an era of reform / Judd Choate.  JK1319 .C46 2003
Democratic vistas : reflections on the life of American democracy / Jedediah Purdy, editor ; Anthony T. Kronman and Cynthia Farrar, advisory editors.  JK1726 .D498 2004
Good citizenship in America / David M. Ricci.  JK1759 .R45 2004
What we stand for : a program for progressive patriotism / the New Democracy Project ; edited by Mark Green.  JK1759 .W47 2004
Citizen democracy : political activists in a cynical age / Stephen E. Frantzich.  JK1764 .F73 2005
Why trust matters : declining political trust and the demise of American liberalism / Marc J. Hetherington.  JK1764 .H48 2005
Revolution will not be televised : democracy, the Internet, and the overthrow of everything / Joe Trippi.  JK1764 .T75 2004
Two reconstructions : the struggle for Black enfranchisement / Richard M. Valelly.  JK1924 .V35 2004
American ballot box in the mid-nineteenth century / Richard Franklin Bensel.  JK1967 .B46 2004
Voting in America : a reference handbook / Robert E. DiClerico.  JK1976 .D53 2004
Last hurrah? : soft money and issue advocacy in the 2002 congressional elections / David B. Magleby, J. Quin Monson, editors.  JK1991 .L37 2004
Front-loading problem in presidential nominations / William G. Mayer, Andrew E. Busch.  JK2071 .M39 2004
Conceived in liberty : the struggle to define the New Republic, 1789-1793 / Lance Banning.  JK2260 .B36 2004
For better or worse? : how political consultants are changing elections in the United States / David A. Dulio.  JK2281 .D85 2004
Negative campaigning : an analysis of U.S. Senate elections / Richard R. Lau and Gerald M. Pomper.  JK2281 .L38 2004
Yankee leviathan : the origins of central state authority in America, 1859-1877 / Richard Franklin Bensel.  JK231 .B46 1990
National party no more : the conscience of a conservative Democrat / Zell Miller.  JK2316 .M37 2003
National party no more : the conscience of a conservative Democrat / Zell Miller.  JK2316 .M37 2003
Republican South : democratization and partisan change / David Lublin.  JK2356 .L89 2004
Banana Republicans : how the right wing is turning America into a one-party state / Sheldon Rampton with John Stauber.  JK2356 .R26 2004
Republican revolution 10 years later : smaller government or business as usual? / edited by Chris Edwards and John Samples.  JK2356 .R356 2005
Government taketh away : the politics of pain in the United States and Canada / Leslie A. Pal and R. Kent Weaver, editors.  JK271 .G722 2003
Reaganism & the death of representative democracy / Walter Williams.  JK271 .W554 2003
Making policy, making law : an interbranch perspective / Mark C. Miller and Jeb Barnes, editors.  JK305 .M35 2004
Regime change begins at home : freeing America from corporate rule / Charles Derber.  JK467 .D47 2004
Democracy online : the prospects for political renewal through the Internet / editor, Peter M. Shane.  JK468.A8 D456 2004
CIA's Russians / John Limond Hart.  JK468.I6 H375 2003
Understanding public policy / Thomas R. Dye.  JK468.P64 D95 2005
Politics of executive privilege / Louis Fisher.  JK468.S4 F57 2004
Self-government, the American theme : presidents of the founding and Civil War / Will Morrisey.  JK511 .M67 2004
Paradoxes of the American presidency / Thomas E. Cronin, Michael A. Genovese.  JK516 .C73 2004
Presidential nominating process : a place for us? / Rhodes Cook.  JK521 .C625 2004
Why the electoral college is bad for America / George C. Edwards, III ; foreword by Neal R. Peirce.  JK529 .E38 2004
Recall! : California's political earthquake / Larry N. Gersten and Terry Christensen.  JK8793 .G465 2004
Free market democracy and the Chilean and Mexican countryside / Marcus J. Kurtz.  JL2681 .K87 2004
Democracy in Latin America : surviving conflict and crisis? / George Philip.  JL966 .P49 2003
Making sense of New Labour / Alan Finlayson.  JN1129.L32 F565 2003
Paving the third way : the critique of parliamentary socialism / David Coates, editor.  JN1129.L32 P38 2003
Political parties in the regions of Russia : democracy unclaimed / Grigorii V. Golosov.  JN6699.A795 G653 2004
Radicalism and its demise : the Chinese Nationalist Party, factionalism, and local elites in Jiangsu Province, 1924-1931 / Bradley K. Geisert.  JQ1519.J53 G45 2001
Nobility & civility : Asian ideals of leadership and the common good / Wm. Theodore de Bary.  JQ36 .D43 2004
Politico's guide to local government / Andrew Stevens.  JS3111 .S758 2003
Managing special events.  JS39 .I58 v.35 no.3
Communications in local government : a business planning model / [Mike Freeman and Stephanie Nelson].  JS39 .I58 v.35 no.4
Brownfields : creative solutions / [compiled by Christine Ulrich].  JS39 .I58 vol. 35, no.1
Case studies of city-county consolidation : reshaping the local government landscape / edited by Suzanne M. Leland and Kurt Thurmaier.  JS422 .C37 2004
Guarding the golden door : American immigration policy and immigrants since 1882 / Roger Daniels.  JV6483 .D354 2004
American gulag : inside U.S. immigration prisons / Mark Dow.  JV6483 .D69 2004
Defining America through immigration policy / Bill Ong Hing ; foreword by Anthony D. Romero.  JV6483 .H56 2004
Post-Cold War international system : strategies, institutions, and reflexivity / Ewan Harrison.  JZ1305 .H37 2004
Power and resistance in the new world order / Stephen Gill.  JZ1310 .G55 2003
Global governance : the battle over planetary power / Kristin Dawkins.  JZ1318 .D385 2003
Economic and financial globalization : what the numbers say / Paul H. Dembinski ... [et al.].  JZ1318 .E26 2003
How soccer explains the world : an unlikely theory of globalization / Franklin Foer.  JZ1318 .F64 2004
Global America? : the cultural consequences of globalization / edited by Ulrich Beck, Natan Sznaider and Rainer Winter.  JZ1318 .G554 2003
Global crises, global solutions / edited by BjC8rn Lomborg.  JZ1318 .G56 2004
Open world : the truth about globalization / Philippe Legrain.  JZ1318 .L44 2004
Globalization : a very short introduction / Manfred B. Steger.  JZ1318 .S74 2003
Global order and global disorder : globalization and the nation-state / Keith Suter.  JZ1318 .S88 2003
World we want : restoring citizenship in a fractured age / Mark Kingwell.  JZ1320.4 .K56 2001
From empire to community : a new approach to international relations / Amitai Etzioni.  JZ1480 .E89 2004
Colossus : the price of America's empire / Niall Ferguson.  JZ1480 .F47 2004
Power, terror, peace, and war : America's grand strategy in a world at risk / Walter Russell Mead.  JZ1480 .M43 2004
Superpatriotism / Michael Parenti.  JZ1480 .P36 2004
Locating the proper authorities : the interaction of domestic and international institutions / Daniel W. Drezner, editor.  JZ43 .L63 2003
United Nations & regional security : Europe and beyond / edited by Michael Pugh, Waheguru Pal Singh Sidhu.  JZ4984.5 .U538 2003
Peacezone : a program for teaching social literacy -- grades K-1 teacher's guide / Deborah Protherow-Stith, Joseph M. CheLry, Jon Oliver ; with Clementina CheLry, Marci Feldman, Fren Shamis.  JZ5534 .P967 2005
Peacezone : a program for teaching social literacy -- grades 2-3 teacher's guide / Deborah Protherow-Stith, Joseph M. CheLry, Jon Oliver ; with Clementina CheLry, Marci Feldman, Fren Shamis.  JZ5534 .P9671 2005
Peacezone : a program for teaching social literacy -- grades 4-5 teacher's guide / Deborah Protherow-Stith, Joseph M. CheLry, Jon Oliver ; with Clementina CheLry, Marci Feldman, Fern Shamis.  JZ5534 .P9672 2005
Rethinking war and peace / Diana Francis.  JZ5560 .F73 2004
No peace without freedom : race and the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, 1915-1975 / Joyce Blackwell.  JZ5578 .B57 2004
Grave new world : security challenges in the 21st century / Michael E. Brown, editor.  JZ5588 .G73 2003
No end in sight : the continuing menace of nuclear proliferation / Nathan E. Busch.  JZ5675 .B87 2004

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