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Having trouble logging in? Try the following:

  1. Be sure to type the 16-digit number at the bottom of your I-Card  in the Library Login box. 

    IUP does not use the Username/Password Login option . 

    Use the box on the left.


  2. Do you have a valid I-Card?
          Most online databases are available to IUP users with valid I-Cards only. If you have received a new card for any reason, and have not had the card validated by Library Circulation, contact them at 724-357-2340 to have the card properly processed for database access.

  3. Are you entering your number properly?
         The patron ID number is located on the lower left of the I-Card and begins with 6008 - a sixteen-digit number. Make certain you are putting the right numbers in, and putting them in as a continuous string of numbers with no spaces. The card shown to the right, for example, has the number 6007375650432345.

  4. What if your card is valid but you still can't connect to the resource you want?
    • Call the Circulation Desk at 724-357-2340 and ask for your record to be checked for other active barcodes. Older barcodes can be purged from the system.

    • Call the Reference Department at 724-357-3006 to ask if there are problems with vendor or IUP Network servers.

    • If there are no problems with our servers, the problem is probably with your equipment, your setup, or your connection with the Internet. Check with your Internet Service Provider, your computer specialist, or the people who helped you set up your machine. Remember, for almost all of the services available from our website, you must be running a Java-enabled web browser such as Netscape 3.1 or above or Internet Explorer 4.0 or above. Modems below 28.8 kbps are not recommended.

 Correspondence regarding the site should be sent to webmaster. Please see IUP's statement regarding pages that do not officially represent the university. Revised on 09/13/07.